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Roll to Roll

Kami menerima jasa print kaos Roll to Roll service. Jasa ini cocok bagi Anda yang memilih desain grafis pattern (berulang), juga bagi Anda yang memiliki usaha hijab scarf printing.

Custom Garment

Kami juga membuat garment atau pakaian jadi seperti kaos fullprint, sweater, jaket hoodie, jaket bomber & kaos polo, dan berbagai pakaian olahraga seperti kaos lari, baju sepeda, jersey futsal & bola, jersey basket, baju renang, dan pakaian olahraga lainnya.

Roll to Piece

Kami menerima jasa print kain Roll to Piece service. Jasa ini cocok bagi Anda yang memiliki usaha garment dengan desain grafis yang unik.

  1. Hasil Cepat & Memuaskan

  2. CSS Animations

    We are using 12 different animations for showing and hiding the items of a slide. The animations are defined by randomly adding data-attributes called data-effect-in and data-effect-out for every slide.

  3. Tilted Items

    The perspective view is achieved by adding a perspective value to the slide list item and tilting a division that contains the two screenshots.

  4. Column or Row

    The items in the tilted container are either laid out in a column or in a row. For some directions we need to adjust the animation delays for the items, since we don’t want the items to overlap each other when they move in or out.

  5. Responsiveness

    For smaller screens, the items on the right hand side will become less opaque and serve as decoration only. The focus will be on the description which will occupy all the width.

  6. Navigation

    For the “line” navigation we use a little trick to make the clickable area a bit bigger: we add a thick white border to the top and bottom of the span. Since the border is part of the element, it will be part of the clickable zone.


Kami memberikan fasilitas gratis test print kain di bahan Anda sebelum melakukan order massal.
Silahkan menghubungi kami.



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